First, soft rejected and next turned to Hard reject WordPress theme

Hi guys, my item at first got soft reject for minor reasons. I did what reviewer asked however on second review turns out it hard rejected.

Yes. This is a sof rejected message in my opinion :D, i guess there’s something you miss. Maybe about content and things in that category as reviewer said. E.g i saw reservation area is poor. I think it must be marked with white background for every filter.

Well, if you read the whole “soft rejection” email, there is a small note in the footer

P.S. The team have invested considerable time in reviewing and providing feedback on your submission. If we feel that you have not invested enough time in making the required changes before re-submitting, this may be considered misuse of the review process. Where continued misuse of the review process is identified, your submission rights may be restricted or suspended.

but if I were you, I would working more to fix the issue(s) mentioned in previous soft rejection email and re-upload the item.

Good luck :slight_smile:

What was the feedback in the original soft-rejection?

I’d argue there are some uncomfortable similarities to (especially the header), and it could be made more original from one of your other themes, but at the same time there’s nothing glaringly problematic.