First sell and item promotion

Hi everyone, my first product (a Wordpress Plugin) was accepted yesterday and I want to know by your experience, how long is the average waiting time until the first sell. Also, what are some good ways to promote it.

Thanks in advanced.

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Well, there’s no “right” answer to this question. Imagine you built a car, house, or something else, and want to sell it. It really doesn’t matter how long it took other sellers to make their sale because it only depends on your product.

For example, even the same author can sell 10 copies of product A in an hour, and don’t sell a single copy of product B in a year - it all depends on product itself (its features, quality, price, niche, and dozens of other factors) and nothing else. Hence, even if you know how long it takes for other authors to start receiving sales, isn’t going to help you anyways.

From my experience in average it takes around 3 days to get 1st sale. Could be even no sales or sooner, just letting you know my personal average.