First Sale! Thanks AJ for giving a hope!

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie here, but already totally in love with AJ. Today I found this amazing forum and was completely impressed with Envato. Amazing!!!

Shortly about me. My name is Ola. I’m a pianist. Has no job more than 2 years, friend adviced to come here and try my luck. I’m here and just got my first sale. To say that I’m happy is like nothing to say, 'cause I’m super happy, incredibly inspired and very grateful to the Envato and the buyer!

Wish all of us AJ authors endless inspiration, a lot of sales and Envato Please Live Forever!!!

You can check tune that was sold here


The first sale is probably the most important emotionally!) Keep it going!


Yeah, totally you’re right. I even made printscreen and save it in “AJ history” folder :crazy_face:
Thanks Lemonello)

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Good job, keep going!

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Thanks a lot! By the way your track “Ocean Ethnic” sounds great. :+1: Listen to it and relax)
Good luck to you!

Thx bro)