First sale! (hopefully more to come!)

Just wanted to share my happiness in getting my first sale with my new(ish) account. I’ve waited for 2 months and now have 5 tracks with the most recent one selling as soon as it was uploaded. I hope that there will be plenty more to come! :wink:


Congrats! @LewisWrightMusic :tada:

Congrats! @LewisWrightMusic :tada: bless you with more sales !!!:moneybag:

Congratulations!Good luck!

Congratulations! More sales are coming to you! :blush:

Congratulations! @LewisWrightMusic Good luck first your first sale & first PAW :sparkles:

Congratulations! Awesome work guys :smiley:

Congratulations :wink:

Congratulations @LewisWrightMusic :tada: I know how it feels :slight_smile: Me and my team wish you best of luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for your encouragement :smiley:

welcome and good luck!


Congratulations LewisWrightMusic! Here’s to many more sales for you :thumbsup:

Keep it up! The hard work will surely pay off!