First sale !! And a little question...

Hello, dear community!
I’ve finally got my first sale ! Just some extra bucks, but it’s an INCREDIBLE feeling ! :smile:

And… I have a little question:
I got from my sale (19$ item) - 9.50$, so it means 7,1$ (37,5%) went to envato, and 2,4$ (12.5%) are… taxes? I mean, it’s not that much, but I want to assure myself that it is not an W-8 form issue. What do you think ?

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I never saw something more useful and instructive than this!
Explore it and you’ll find everything you need! :wink:

Thank you very much! Really informative!
So, as I understand, my country has 0% tax treaty with US, but, still, I was withheld 12.5%. The only thing that strikes me is that I was mistakenly “treated” as a non-exclusive author (50% withheld), which doesn’t seem quite reasonable.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Exclusive is 50%

Yep, as @Hyperprod says it’s 50% withheld if you are an exclusive author.
So you have nothing to worry about I guess.

Oh, last time I checked it was 62.5%… Looks like terms have changed.
Thank you very, very much for information, @Hyperprod and @jerry_nightone! I guess now I am informed and nothing can stop me from conquering the market! :smiley: :smiley:

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Congrats! :wink:

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Oh, thanks @Soundlufs ! Very nice of you!

It has never been 62,5, but Envato does their best to complicate everything. The last 12,5 % is author fee (or was it buyers fee?). 18 months ago, when I started, it was spelled right out that the authors share was 50%. The fear that anyone would actually understand what they said made Envato change this a year ago.

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Ah, now it’s even more clear, @Hyperprod! Thanks for your time!

This info has helped me ,so if your country has 0% treaty and you have filled the W-8 form thats what you get for $19 item.
Sorry for my English guys! :slight_smile:

Based on the responses, I assume you got the question figured out, so I’ll just leave you a big CONGRATS! @ChesterSound.

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Yeah, looks like so, @GLMStudios :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, @ElevateAudio! Really appreciate it!

Congratulation for your first sale. Best of luck to you and all others :slight_smile: