First Rejection - Need Your Expert Feedback - Thank you

My first track got rejected on Audiojungle. I would really appreciate feedback on my mistakes, so I can learn from you and make tracks that get accepted.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to help a fellow composer.

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Hello! In general, everything is fine. Two major changes need to be made.

    • The sound that plays the melody on top of the piano must be replaced by pluck or something suitable. It is even possible to play this part with the same piano but softer and more spatial processing. The sound that is now used is too harsh and not modern.
  1. Pluck which plays at 30 seconds … just kills his ears. He is very sharp and loud. Try replacing it with a quiet palm muted guitar or something similar. And it would be better to make a sequence of this part. Leaving a delay. And it remains to put everything beautifully in the mix so that nothing sticks out. Music should not attract attention! It is important.
    I wish you success!

Thank you @Romantic_City I appreciate it very much. I will keep this in mind with my upcoming submissions. Have a great day!