First product uploaded, in how many days does it go live

I uploaded my first product, how many days does it go live.
Can an example html file be used to upload a product?

  1. you need to fulfil ALL the requirements such as demos, documentation etc.

  2. review time depends on the queue and the category the item is in

  3. review does not by any means guarantee approve for sale

If you are new then it’s probably a good idea to share your demo link here for feedback too

Yes i’m new, i don’t fully understand what i said but i made a mistake.
My demo apk

You should have a version uploaded to a store - it would be very unwise for anyone to install an APK file from an unknown source

Now I have uploaded almost all the files according to my understanding.
Now if there is any deficiency in that, then let me explain in detail.

i has been fixed all the issues outlined during the review process.

The file I uploaded rejected that the screenshot I uploaded had more pixels. I finished that problem again and uploaded a new screenshot again. But still he did not approve. So, I deleted that project, again I tried to upload it, then I am showing these issues.

Now I do not see the place to claim where I have to claim ownership of the content.
Please guide me.

Please review the following issues that occurred
You must indicate you have suitable licenses / ownership of the content you’re uploading