First Music Broadcast (10 Million) Song Sold!

Congratulations WorldMusic! I’m still waiting for my first broadcast license, it must feel awesome!

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Congratulations, man!

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Thanks @MorningLightMusic @soundgridmedia @MyMusicID @MattyFrench @SALABAIKO :smile:

How did you sell? to whom? whats your advise for some to do so

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Congrats WorldMusic. What a great feeling!

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Thanks :slight_smile: Great!

Thank you @sgpsaee for the comment :slight_smile:
I sold the song to a company in Denmark.

I share my little experience with the hope of receiving some feedback from those who sell a lot and has more expertise than me.

For me it was very important the participation of the Envato Remix Contest because I could see that every composer dedicated to his song the most attention, in every detail, and this is a point that I had not fully understood in the sense that I devoted time to the composition and mixing but always with the “rush” to finish making and uploading.

Since after the contest instead I devoted the most attention to every detail, I purchased several musical instruments to use almost real instruments instead of virtual instruments (of course where possible) and I focused on the mixing more detailed.

The first published song “Happy” then follows this logic and is having very good results.
In a few days it will be published my first song with the singing voice (I looked for a singer who had the stamp right) entitled “A New Surprising Day.”

Another thing I think is important to check the portfolio and redo the mix of songs that sound like they should (this is my program for the next day).

Other than that I think it is wise to remove from your portfolio songs in the last 4/6 months have not made sales.

I promote all (almost) my songs on Twitter (3/4 posts per day), on the Facebook page (sponsored post) and on YouTube.

I hope this post can be “helpful” advice and look who is much more experienced.

Thanks everybody :smile:
Love Envato :smile:



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Cool! Congratulations!))

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@SoundColors @KD_Music @Synthezx Thanks :smile:

Congratulations! I teach a College Course on How to Start Your Own Business and some of them are interested in the music field. Any chance I can get you to be a virtual speaker.

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Thanks @neopolitan1,
sorry but my spoken english is not good quality.
Try to search some other author please :smile:
have a good day :smile:

Congrats :slight_smile:

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