First Item was rejected, smb help me please

Hello! That is my first item (Louder.mp3 - Google Drive), it was rejected, and I just din’t know why. I would be very grateful if someone could help me understand the cause of what happened, the weak side of my track. My only guess is I made my item too loud, which caused the quality to suffer, but my speakers are not good enough for me to hear these quality issues clearly. They wrote to me “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”, Does this mean that I cannot upload this track again, even after correcting it? I tried changing the balance a little and making the resulting volume lower. Do you think the track is acceptable now? Have I eliminated the reason for the rejection? Remastered.mp3 - Google Drive

Your main sequence is more like a bridge or ending. The stacato violins part sounds out of place. There is no development either in dynamics or in harmony. Leave this track. You can use this track as a fragment or as an ending in another track. The main reason for failure is not balance or volume. This is my personal opinion and it does not claim to be the only correct one.


This is a very interesting and, perhaps, unexpected opinion. I really appreciate it, thank you for your vision!

Hi @AmbrosialMusic, the intention of this track isn’t too bad, but I agree to @Romantic_City - there’s too less development.

  • At first, for future tracks, please correct your latency compensation for the strings. Some libraries can do that with a sample start feature, for some libaries you have to correct it via track latency compensation in your DAW. The transients of your strings are all out of place, they are too late always.
  • Adding instruments should only be one part of song development. You’re playing the same theme from start to end and all your song development changes are aded or subtracted instruments. That’s too less development.
  • In my opinion all your strings are over saturated and they sounding too harsh.
  • If you subtract every part repetition then the combination of these parts could be good for a song intro, but then you need further development in harmonies. In the actual state this song is too boring.

Thank you very much for your detailed comment! I will definitely try to make a more tangible harmonic development on the next track.

Your strings have to sound connected in a same line. If a sample is too slow to start place it more on the left on the grid until it connects with the precedent note just right. I personnally go from one MIDI track to the other from note to note to get total flexibility using MIDI controllers modulation, volume, expression.and pitch. That way you can even cut or gently adjust the volume of the starting of the sample with MIDI controller 7 or 11 if the sample has a too slow attack in the context without affecting the release of the precedent sample. Your instruments have to sing, to be expressive in a right way depending of the emotion it try to convey.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile: