First item review BIG BIG problem

I m new on video hive and I have uploaded my first template
then nothing I dont even have a pending status on my dash board
I decided to upload a second time same thing
its like nothing was uploaded i mean my dashboard is virgin there not even a thing
that show that I have uploaded or have content waiting for review
I have not found any link to open a support ticket if there is such a thing on envto
can someone explain please

There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Your item is Accepted → It appears in your portfolio
  2. Your item is Soft Rejected → It appears in the Hidden Items Tab
  3. Your item is Hard Rejected → The item disappears from queue

In order to receive an e-mail with the results you must enable the Item Review Notification enabled. You check if this feature is enabled by going into Settings → Email Settings. If it’s not enabled, please thick the box. You’ll receive e-mails for future submissions.

Chances are, your item was rejected hard. Therefore, you are not allowed to re-upload a rejected item. Therefore, I recommend that you cancel your item so you don’t get banned.

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thanks for your anwser
the thing is I do not even see any queu after I upload
thenwhere do i cancxel an item when it was hard rejected
and why would an item get hard rejected
thanx again

I mean there is absolutly nothing

So your product has been rejected again. Or you may have made some mistake while uploading the item. Immediately after loading the item, in the place I indicated, an inscription should appear with the name of your item and the amount of time that has passed since the upload. You can find many video tutorials on how to upload an item to the platform to make sure you did everything right. For example: How To Upload After Effects template on videohive step by step - YouTube

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yeah i ll try again thanx

Oooh. After the third time, you can almost certainly be banned…


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