First item rejected + perma ban? I'm shocked.

Good morning,

I submitted a jQuery Anti Spam plugin that allows decoding and encoding of private data to serve decoded html in your (static/cms) website but can decode and display it to humans with a set of different out-of-the-box usage options, as well as full customization. The package included a html file with copy&paste ready code snippets of various usage examples, regular and minified files and a detailed instruction on how to implement it. Also, as the manual stated I set up a website on my own server to showcase a few examples included in the package.

So I received an email saying it is rejected due to not meeting “quality standards”. No other reason mentioned, except for “go to the forums”. As well as the note, that I will not be able to submit this item again. And this is where I’m shocked. The guy rejecting it does not explain why or what he thinks has to be improved and also puts a perma ban on the product, so I won’t even be able to adjust what he might see as a missing “quality standard”. They say they want to see an new submission soon, but hell no, why should I waste time in building exclusive content if I don’t know what they expect and run the risk of a product ban without being able to change (whatever this might be) ?

Honestly, I feel like the person reviewing it did not even get what this is about and what problem it solves - since well, even large companies often do not know or care about that problem or do not want to pay agencies to implement some protection.

Since I am a professional software developer I know this and that is why I built such a tool. Thus the only thing I can imagine not meeting “quality standards” is missing visuals. Yeah well, this is a pure technical issue. The site in the package has a bootswatch theme, but it is not part of the product, as this is not the prupose of it. You apply it to your existing website. Adding style here would mess up the website style.

So I’m really clueless what they mean with “quality standards”. Secondly, I currently feel like turning the back to this platform right away, as to how new customers are treated.


It is painful & even I want to know why they reject certain items. Anyways, let me give you a way to get it uploaded again.

  1. Try to beautify the code quality (online tools are there)
  2. Remove certain features / desc which looks illegal
  3. Rebrand the item
  4. Add few more functions to make it upgraded & new
  5. Upload it with a new look & feel

Al the best

Hi Al,

first thanks to your advice, but I fear this is not of any help.

  1. I’m using WebStorm and even branded the Item with “Clean Code”. At my company I am the one bringing code quality and trainings to other developers. So this for sure is no issue, expect the guy looked at the minified version and did not get it. But I honestly doubt that someone here is doing code reviews, because you need good developers to do that and no good developer would do “item reviews”.

  2. Here is nothing to look illegal. What shall that mean? Encoding data is one of the biggest issues - well at least here in europe. Protecting your own or your customer’s private data by delivering them in an encrypted way is missing on almost any website. How can that look illegal? How can anything about encryption to protect againsts data (spam) crawlers look illegal at all? In the end, this is your own data that you publish, I really do not get this reference.

  3. Nope, why? The name is what it does. Why should I change that?

  4. No mention about missing commercial value has been given.

  5. Still, the item has been banned from re-submitting, as stated.

This is not very helpful I fear. They blame missing quality, not missing features or possibly illegal actions or whatever. It is clean code (if they even check it) and has all instructions and demo included they advice you to. But still leave me guessing what the guy who could have just written it down at the very moment of rejecting may or may not have ment.