First Item on Videohvie [REJECTED]

Hello friends. First off, my name’s Daniel and I’m a (almost) 14 years old Motion Designer, based in Bulgaria. I’ve never uploaded on Videohive until yesterday. I didn’t even know that projects get reviewed, haha. :smile:
So I have a few questions. The first is… Is it a problem if I’m underaged. My parent is fully aware. I don’t think it should be a problem. And what are the chances of getting accepted? This is my Project:

The category that I have put it is Openers -> Corporate.
I haven’t included the music, but I’ve put a link in the description for download. The font that I’ve used is also mentioned in the description and is 100% free. (Bebas Neue)
There’s a very detailed guide on how to use the template for people that are new to AE in PDF and RTF format. There’s also a “Text-Only Version”. The project itself is very organised and has Control Layers. I’ve really worked on providing the best for the customers so I would not really “appriciate” rejection, lol.
How long does it take fdor a project to get reviewed?