first item get rejected.

today I got an email from envato, it said my item hard rejected with the following comment:

Consider using at least a minimal framework to structure the application better. Right now, it’s a mix of HTML, PHP and SQL.

the problems are:

  1. it’s a very simple script yet generate a nice output (I know, it’s my own oppinion).
  2. the HTML, as i said it’s very simple script, so I try to adopt MVC paradigm. where the HTML is the View itself.
  3. I dont event use any DB connection, the SQL part is coming from an SQL Template file that will generate an SQL Dump for user. and if I update the script using minimal framework, still there will be SQL part, because I create an SQL Dump using SQL Template file.

so, do I really need to use minimalistic framework like Silex or Slim?
BTW just my curiousity, does envato reviewer really read my code commentary, or just view the structure?