First in my life Buyer is write to me!Want to share my goal!!!

Hello everyone! First in my life is situation i faced when buyer write me by himself and give me a link to work he is done and as me about where he can to paste a info about me!
This was a nice social short video about disaster fires in portugal in this year.
Want to share this. Check it out!


That is very nice the way they did that. I had a similar situation one time and I really appreciated it. Your music was perfect for the message and mood of the video. Great work _Blacksmith!

Great job man.

Nice to have this kind of feedback. Works perfectly!

I had exactly the same situation,I can imagine how you feel now!!

My congratulations!

congratulations! good job! :smiley: :beer:

Thanks a lot folks)]))!! Hope this not the end

Good job!!!

Thanks man:))

Perfect music! :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Im trying best i can.!))