First HTML Template Rejected Due to Quality Standard

Hi Guys, It is my first time to upload template and I got rejected because they found out the quality standard. I want to know your opinion regarding what are the standard requirements they need. Here is the demo site.

Fix spacing in sections


I have see your item. There is lot of improvement need on your item such as

typographic hierarchy,
spacing alignment,
Visual hierarchy etc.

and design quality is basic level need to more improve

Good Luck

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With respect this is a long way off.

It’s lacking premium execution and features and it wouldn’t be hard to find a free alternative online

The design concept has been done so many times that if you want to go with a one pager then the design needs to be flawless and offer something notably new

It’s not fully mobile optimised esp the services

There’s inconsistencies esp in spacing, margins and typography but it comes back to the same thing - to make an item in such a crowded category successful it has to be more unique