First flyer, rejected, can you help me?

Hello, i got hard rejected this flyer, its my first project for graphicriver, can u help me why?


Cool flyer. But, I am not so sure why it was hard rejected! It is a DJ Flyer, I think. Most probably your main text “DEINES ALLANE” isn’t suited with back text. There is a huge gap between DEINES and ALLEIN which destroys the design quality. You could use only ALLANE with the same size of the back text. Or, you could use DEINES and ALLANE(font used in sunday). Use bold font for every text. By the way, you don’t need to use “Image not included” within the flyer. You can say it in the description or in blank space of the preview image.

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@pexelart Thank you very much for the answer, I appreciate that finally someone decided to write. As for the spacing, you are right, I could have made it a little smaller, but I don’t think that this is a typographical error so serious that my project would be rejected.

I also decided to analyze why the project was rejected, and I came to the conclusion that in the help file I included a link to font directly to the google drive, so that the review team could reject the project.

Additionally, I bought one flyer from another artist - and to be honest, I am shocked that my product did not pass the verification, because I prepared the whole thing much better (compared to his files, I think it is very unfair that the authors preview the project in RGB version, where the target CMYK file looks tragic - but its just my opinion)

Additionally, thanks for the advice from “Image not included” and your time to help, I added another project, I will wait 10 days and see how they will reject it this time, I guess I will forgive myself haha.

@pexelart I have one more question, maybe you know if the limit of 10 flyers per month is fixed? Does it change as your account grows?

Thanks again.


It is a new rules for every author. (From July, 2020)
If your approval ratio is 35% or up, there will be no limitation or limits will be removed. It means, if you upload 100 items and approved item is 35 or higher, then submission limit will be removed. If you maintain this ratio, there will be no submission limit. So, it has no relation with account grows. Hope, you understand.

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For your conclusion, if it had any issue with the help file, it would be soft reject. Review team would inform you to make changes in help file.
Hope, next item will be approved.

@pexelart Yes, thank you.

Since you say that you don’t get a hard reject from a readme.txt error, I have no idea what I got for, could I send you a PSD file to check if everything is okay? (but I don’t know if it makes sense because I checked the file myself against another flyer I bought and everything was fine)

I also hope the flyer will be accepted next time.

No need for that. Wait for the next review.