First Design - Rejected :(

Hi everyone.
So, like most I’ve uploaded my first design and made it as easy to use yet as slick as possible… but was disappointed to hear it got rejected.

I’d be grateful if I could get some feedback and POV from you wonderful fellow Authors to find out what went wrong and how I can improve.


Lower thirds is a huge oversaturated category, you have big competition there, and your project honestly has nothing new to outstand among those projects already approved. Besides, I think it’s a big design failure that the lower third body blocks visually the logo, so you can’t see it complete most of the time. Anyway, for lower thirds you will have a giant competition to get your item approved.
Hope this helps you!
Good luck!


Hi there,
Thanks so much for your feedback and response - it’s very super helpful!
And yes, I guess it is a very oversaturated category. Will try harder (maybe in other areas that need fresh ideas!)


You’re welcome. Good luck! :+1: