First attempt to Upbeat

Hi guys, what do you think about this track? It is my first attempt to upbeat/motivational music.

Hi. Guitar sound a bit like midi. And this voice… I found it…not in the right place may be. Just IMHO. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Hey Marcin,

To compete in this genre it is key to create a hand-made, warm, acoustic feel. In your track, the sounds (as well as the performance) are currently way too MIDI and artificial. For this type of music, recording a real acoustic guitar is still by far the best way to go. Also, quantizing is not your friend here.

And, like @DPmusicStudio pointed out, that dreamy voice with the reverb feels out of place in the context.

Good luck.


Nice track! Try to improve the quality like the other stuff here on AJ, listen the top tracks =)
Good luck :call_me_hand:t3: