First approved and second not, but why?


Hi mates,

I wanted to start a photographic logo serie based on one of my best selling logos with 48 sales so far, so I’ve created simillar one with the focus on weddings, but it was rejected with common reason, that it is not ready for GR.

The logo itself prooves that it is well done and usefull, so where is the problem?

Well I don’t get it.


hi, well i can understand your confusion but i think that u just do not keep in mind that in this case this is rather normal, as indeed, your two logos are pretty close from each other and that anyone ho could buy your item could have turned it like your second one if needed, so is it really legitimate to accept both? what is too bad is that , according to me, the second one is a bit more attractive than the first one, on the other end, i think that if u could get so very greta sales with this first item that’s because it more easily fits all


Well said, but I’m sure, that the reviewer didn’t reject it, due to its simillarity, because otherwise the rejection reason will point out that fact.

This example just shows, that it is a matter of reviewers taste to approve or reject an item, when it is technically ok. Imo it is more like a lottery in the logo category now and I don’t wanna play it.


i guess it depends on who u have to deal with anyway, as reviewers are human and as there’s an artistic part in what we do, in other words which awakes feelings, tastes and thus depends on what people are expecting for … this is also necessary to say that the logo category is having tons of submissions daily and that they have to be choosey for that matter , not to mention that a friend of mine, who is a celebrated logo maker and a top author here told me that there’s a guy who is setting very high standards when the there ones are a bit more easy going , so that maybe a reason …