First accepted item!


After an excruciating via crucis of FIVE months and more than twelve rejected items, today I got my first accepted item!
I can’t help quoting the famous song “you’re a little late, I’m already torn”.


20 track and none accepted. I feel your pain, brother!


Thank you, colleague! I know what you’re going through. I think I’m obliged to share my secret to get accepted: literally cloning a top seller.


You are joking, aren’t you? This is humour, yes? You are not really saying you stole @LumenMedia s track, even the title? I really hope I am misunderstanding something here…


haha just listened to both !


congratz @Anarcovision for your first accepted track ! :slight_smile:


Congrats! Hoping you get many sales!


I am very close to do the same thing. But I`ve tried to imagine myself on Envatos place. I think it would be better to have DIFFERENT but a little bad tracks than a lot of identical with good quality. I went through 10 pages of resent uploads and they sound exactly the same.

Obviously It isnt because authors lack talent or skill. The reason is in Audiojungles reviewing policy. And as the result there aren`t that many sales as I see it.


On no! Not steal, just clone, as you can see it’s a very different tune.


Thank you brother!


Thank you very much, man!


Congrats and good luck with the sales! :slight_smile:


haha i couldnt resist !


I thought exactly like you, but that’s not what Audiojungle wants. I provided lots of very original, sometimes great stuff just to get hard rejected each time. It took me five months to accept that Audiojungle want a lot of clones of top selling items, and this being my first accepted piece is good evidence of that.


Hahah! Brilliant!


“Just” clone? Do you even have an idea what intellectual property is? You bluntly copied most of the other track including the title, mate. That is seriously not OK.


Getting inspired a little bit more is one thing. But this is clearly rip-off bro. I’m sorry to say. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, you copied my decription and tags too. This is so ORIGINAL. So please, to avoid ban, please change at least your copy pasted description. :slight_smile:


haters gonna hate ! :smiley:


I didn’t copy a thing. The title is not the same neither. You have a problem with me, mate? You’re accusing me of stealing: that’s serious! You better don’t mess with me fellow.