first 4 tracks hard rejected

here are 2 of them. Is it mixing, composition or an overall track which is the problem?


Epic cinematic: I really like the drums/percussion, sounds great. I have a couple of comments in terms of production:

-Strings sound fake and there is something weird and out of key in the staccato chords (0:47). I bet that one is the reason of rejection.

-Also It developes too slow, you should get to the point quicker (I think).

-The filter movement in the white noise has too much resonance, it doesn’t sound good to me.

Uplifting Motivational: I think it feels a bit monotonous. The main melody get’s annoying.

Overall I think it’s not mixing. I think the problem is production/arrangement.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your honest feedback. Actually now as i am listening after you point it out, the motivational track does feel monotonous and it does get annoying.
ill try to work on my arrangements on my future uploads.
Thanks :slight_smile: