First 2 uploads declined - feedback please

HI guys!

So my first 2 uploads got declined, it was no real explanation to why other than it did not fit the guidelines to the AudioJungle community.

Here are the 2 songs, would love to hear your thoughts about why they got declined :slight_smile:

Hello stasius,
i think in the first song the bass is a little bit out of control and the song is to long and the end is to abrupt.
Also the second songs ending is to abrupt and maybe the background noise (is it a guitar?) is a little bit strange to my.
Just my opinion. Maybe someone with more knowledge in this genre can pinpoint it better. Otherwise i like the ideas.

Hello Stasius! In my opinion, 80% of the reason for the deviation lies in the mixing.
Too many to write separately. But this is my personal opinion. No offence.

I wish you great success.

Beautiful ambient music, man, so airy and atmospheric. 2nd track ended too sudden and i would made piano a bit softer. 1st track seems good.

guys I have the same story, send tracks and only failures !!! help please what’s the matter ???

Yeah that makes sense! Working on my mixing skills…

thanks :smiley:

I agree on the 2nd one, should soften up the piano