First 103 sales!


Yes, first 103 sales, and it’s sweet but i need 206 as soon as possible. Thank you all!


And I´m here, happy, with my 7 sales. xDD


That is terrific! you must share your secrets!


Congratulations! 103 is a nice number. Just keep uploading steadily and you’ll reach 206, then 1030 soon after I’m sure. :sunglasses:

(By the way, I see we registered here in the same month, except I drag around half the distance at 52 sales, but since I plan to reach the 1000’s sooner than later; see you there around this number! I find motivation in these «milestone reached» posts people make, so keep doing some others, please). :rocket:


cool happy for u good luck for what is next :slight_smile:


Haha i know you. You have nice sounds and logos! And your avatar is great too :smiley:


Thank you n2n44!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Never leave your house without recorder and a pair of microphones :slight_smile:


Thanks about my sounds from the «throw a wide net» tactical approach, haha; I’ll fine tune things as I go. :smiley:

(I Like your avatar too by the way; a very colourful and distinctive one).


Haha thank you! :smiley:




Thank you!


Yes! the race is start now … keep it up :slight_smile:


Will do! Thank you!


Nice milestone RBFX. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thank you MidnightSnap, i will!


Haha, I like how you’re celebrating the odd numbers. Maybe I should start doing that. :wink: congrats on 103 sales Robert! 206 is coming soon for you!


Keep up the good work o7


Hehe :smiley: Thank you!