Finding VideoHive author for collaboration

Hello VideoHivers :wink:

I would know if someone will be interested in collaborate with me in this Envato Challenge?

Just uploaded my music yesterday and you can listen the preview here:

Please let me know who wants to join in my team.

What should your project contain?

Your submissions needs to conform to usual VH and AJ upload requirements.
Your video template must be submitted to either the Opener or Titles category on VideoHive for either After Effects, Apple Motion, or Cinema4D. The music should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory on AudioJungle.
Your video template should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.
The music uploaded to AudioJungle can be whatever length the author wishes (e.g. 3+ minutes) as long as the exact version used/synchronized in the VideoHive item preview is also included with the AudioJungle item (e.g. the 30-60 second version).

Lenght of your music 2:20, it is no acceptable for this chellenge.

Obviously my item will include 30 and 60 sec. versions

I’m still looking for a VideoHive author for collaboration as well…

If we win - we get $500 each plus a FEATURED ITEM on VideoHive & AudioJungle!

Here’s a 40 second “Opener” version of my song for the competition:

If you’re interested, contact me from my profile page or by email at: