Finding specific reasons for rejection

As a lot of have already posted of their rejected submission . I wanted to know if their is a way of finding exactly what caused the rejection so I can improve it on my next submission.

Guys from envato any hints or tips , cause the rejection message is to general.


hi indeed, first of all this is hard to tell what the item is all about … is this supposed to be a logo or ilustration? if a logo, u have too many details, the item will be considered in very small size and if so , normally all small details do not look good , when they are visible …in addition, this is required to have a tagline and an horizontal version, when it looks like that u do not have any of these two, or at least, in the case of the “tag line” the positioning is not the one expected

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Thanks for the review, this is an illustration .
Can you point out the mistake regarding illustration point of view. and is their an option when uploading to make sure in thee future things don’t get confused b/w logo and illustration.

Thanks again for taking the time to help out, really appreciate it.

well indeed , this is not that easy to tell in the case of an illustration. I tend to believe that this is strange to introduce texts in an illustration in the foirst place, especially as your typo is really not outstanding. After this, the thing is well executed in my view but the style is neither trendy nor really modern in my view and this may make this item not exactly in keeping with envato expectations indeed. U should try to have a look at the kind of thing that can make it and sell well too, maybe it would give u a hint of current trends

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Thanks for pointing out the short comings of my submission . It’s been great help.

I was thinking of in terms of selling what I want to create and not thinking what is needed/trending and sells.

indeed this is both to take both into account , so that u does not frustrate your creativity with commecial things only, but this is also interesting to face some of the needs that people turn out ot have indeed, best chemistries are always the middle ones …

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