Finding Lovesoundd


A couple months ago I was shopping for music for a client project and downloaded some previews to give my client an idea of the direction. They finally made a decision and when I went to purchase the track it said that the author and their music were no longer available. Would anyone be able to put me in contact with lovesoundd, I’m looking to purchase one of their songs.

Thank you

Unfortunately, when authors and their items disappear completely, it’s often an indication that there was something improper going on. If you can post the preview, perhaps someone can help you find what you’re looking for.

Hi @lopezb91 , if you remember the exact name (nickname), then you can try to make a request in Google to contact the author (music by “nickname”). But there is also another option, for example, to find similar tracks here (on the AudioJungle). I think that there are no irreplaceable tracks. :wink: