Finding inspiration for UI and UX - looking for feedback on my side-project

Hi all,

This is my first proper post in this community, but I’ve been lurking here for many years. I only have one TF theme to my name, but this year I plan on creating another.

I’m posting as I’d love to know where everyone here takes their inspiration from for UI, UX, etc.

For many years I found it difficult to find good examples of design for me to take inspiration from. For example, a place to search for “pricing table” or “social login”, for example.

I decided to embark upon building my own tool to solve my own problem. It gets a few thousands visits every month from SEO, but generally speaking, hasn’t taken off quite as I’d have liked.

I’m not sure if it’s the product that isn’t useful, a lack of functionality, or an idea that doesn’t even need solving?

I’ve just added a community section, where anyone can go to request inspiration. For example, if I’m looking for examples of a particular type of UI in a particular industry then I could post on there and the community (mostly me) will answer. Some examples of this would be “which companies have the best examples of SaaS pricing pages” or someone looking to find examples of online flows that allow a user to cancel or renew a subscription.

I’d like to ask all of you Themeforest authors for your complete honesty:

Am I wasting my time in building this?

How do you currently find inspiration for your designs?

The site is here:


Hi @joetann