Finding information of newsletter subscribers in North Theme

Hi all,
I am not sure if this is right place to be asking but i recently started working with North theme for Wordpress. I copied over the demo site which has a newsletter subscription pop up as well as a Subscription Form Element that can be and has been added to the home page. When i add an email address and press “Subscribe” on the front end, a pop up comes up telling me it was successful but for the life of me, i cant find where this information is stored in the back end of Wordpress.

Any help would be appreciated before I give up and create a Mail Chimp account and integrate that instead which I’d rather avoid if there is already a built-in system that collects the emails.

Thank you in advance,

Arka Akkelian


If your theme newsletter subscription is using mailchimp plugin then you have to setup your mailchimp in the newsletter settings and you will get the subscriber list in your mailchimp account subscriber list.

I would like to recommend for any technical query about theme functionality the best choice will be contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to answer your query.


Thanks you for the information!

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