Finding good Kick Sample Fast


Is there a way to quickly browse trough kick samples in a folder and see how each of them sounds in mix? I’m talking EDM of coruse. Something likea simple sample player with option to just click ‘next sample’ until you find a good one.

“Simple sample” - i like that :smile:


if you are using NI Battery as drum sampler, yes.


I’m not. Something really simple like poise percussion sampler but with ability to quickly switch samples


Reason allows you to click through the samples in a folder within the Redrum or Kong, for example. You can select the first kick, and then just click the arrow until you find the one you like the most. Is this what you’re asking about?


I’m sure there are alternatives but Battery is the way to go. :grinning:


That’s it exactly, but VST no Reason


Nothing ? :neutral_face:


What about EZDrummer?


Use Battery, even if it’s purely to audition it in the track. I tend to do this and then once I’ve found the right drums that work, I then drag them into an audio channel on the arrange window as this is how i like to process drums


Thanks all, that poise sampler that I mentioned has that feature but it was a little hidden,i mean there isn’t button ‘next sample’ but you have keyboard shortcut “N”