Finding Audio files from preview

I had downloaded a preview of an Audio file.

But now I am unable to find the link of this Audio file to download the original file. I assumed that I would be able to search by ID but its not working. Can any one help in searching this file for me.


Hi @localgetsvocal,

You can search by an item’s ID, but for reasons unknown to me, many preview links have a different ID than the item itself, and search doesn’t work in those cases. I built a free tool a while back that lets you search for preview IDs as well. It found your song, and then I searched for it manually on Elements.

Here’s the track you’re looking for:



Thanks a ton!

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I tried that using another preview file but it gave a message - No results found

For preview files from Envato Elements, you will need to manually enter the preview number from the link. The “choose a file” option only works for AudioJungle items right now.

As an example, in your original post above, the link you posted was:

Enter the number in the link (e.g. 209974533) into the text field and it will try its best to find the item.