Finding an reasonably priced ecommerce theme

Does anyone know of an e-commerce theme that is reasonably priced. I noticed that if you want to use the shopping cart it is way expensive. It doesn’t have to be too complex.

What do you class as ‘reasonably priced’?

A fully functioning e-commerce site for between $50 and $90 is insanely cheap given what it is really worth?

Yes but if you want to use it it will cost $3000 with extended license

Why do you need an extended license? What are you planning on doing with it?

Unless you are charging people to ‘use the site’ e.g. commission on sales, subscriptions, fees to sell etc. then you only need a regular license if it is like a normal shop for your own products

We just want to sell our own products. This is the Theme:

This describes the license usage:

You can check with support here but I am almost certain that if you are just running a store of your own then regular is fine.

As I understood it extended only becomes relevant when you are charging to use the site.

Initially I’m not going to sell but in the future I would like to use it for outlet store with a different name. Do you think I can use the theme with regular license?

As long as it is a store that no user needs to pay to use e.g. subscribe, membership etc. then regular should be ok

I see so general public can buy the products with the regular license.

Like buying from Gap store, tilebar, etc…

I can help you with that add me on skype: danypauldesigner

Thank you.