Finding an item based on the preview file


Hi :slight_smile:

I have a few preview files I downloaded a while ago. They have filenames like “19422185.mp4”. I have quite a number of these actually and I was trying to find them again on videohive BUT… searching for the number reveals nothing. Now, you might advise that this means that the item is no longer available but thats not the case as the above mentioned preview file is at (even though searching for the number 19422185 returns nothing.)

So my question is - is there another way of finding the original item in the store by using the filename of the preview file?

MANY thanks in advance!!



Well, it’s a bit complicated. Generally, you can replace the numbers in the URL of any item, and it will automatically redirect you to the correct item.

For example, if you’re looking for the item with file 35245.mp4 then you can get a random item’s URL and replace it:


However, there are some cases where the name of the preview file doesn’t match the ID of the item. I believe this only applies to older items, not more recent ones. In this case there is no way to find the item through Envato at the moment.

My best advice would be to create a collection on your account and add items to it when you download their previews.