finding a cue from its preview reference number

20338159_epic-emotional-cinematic-motivation-trailer_by_adam_smithee_preview.mp3 is a cue I downloaded some time ago & now want to buy but cannot find it on the site using the search engine. Any advice?

Hi @Ajananda!

Unfortunately that item is no longer for sale. It’s possible the author chose to remove it from the marketplace.

The author is @Adam_Smithee and I am linking their profile below. You can try contacting them to ask about the track. There will be a contact form on the right side when you’re logged in.

Hope that helps!

thanks, that helps but I have other clips that I downloaded some time ago & don’t know how to find them again.

Sure, no worries.

Depending on how old the items are, it may not be possible to find them using this method, but this should work for most cases:

If that’s a bit too tedious for you, or you can’t find an item using that method, you can also try this unofficial tool I made: (enter the same numbers that you would replace x with in the steps above).