Find out the number of people who added the product to the cart

Find out how many people have added your product to their cart and are waiting to buy on CodeCanyon.

Wouldn’t it be great if dividing was a feature? maybe hundreds of users are waiting for the product in the cart. If we know how many people have the product in their cart, we can accelerate our sales with special discounts.

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You couldn’t really leverage that info because discounts etc cannot be applied on a per customer basis.

You would have to adjust the price across the board for everyone and even then there are limitations to how often or many times you do this.

I don’t think so. For that you will have to have the buyers are waiting for the purchase in a short time.
In addition, if you add it to the cart -means you will purchase it. After few minutes, it would be pointless.

Maybe if it was for Metallica concert tickets but if you’re selling fruits, it doesn’t really matter :slight_smile:

@XamDesign I had a similar thought to know who added your product, but not to the cart, but to favorites and not only for CodeCanyon, but for all Envato authors

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Envato often email buyers if they’ve left items in the cart but not including discounts etc as per above - discounts are set by authors and have to be universally available to everyone so this wouldn’t work

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