Find Music By Code

I Download some Music for try with my video.
Now i Find the perfect Music… the code is 21170388

But if insert the code in the searching box not find the music… Why ?
how can I find the music through its code

Here you go :slight_smile: Just replace the number in the taskbar of another item.


I buy a lot of music on it …
But I always have the same problem …

with the code I never find the song again.
where am I wrong?

Just copy the link of any other item in a new tab and replace the item number. It will now open the track you are looking for.

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Just take any link to any item and replace the code:

Like this top seller:

Replace the number with your number and you get:

The name before it doesn’t matter, the system will go to the right track anyway.

You can’t use search to find it.

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Not Work Correctly :slight_smile:

I have try with other music but not work
I use Chrome… but i have try to firefox and Edge

You can try entering the codes here:

Now work corretly…


ie my downloaded file name. Copy and paste the mp3 “19356604” and “uplifiting-motivational” part into another url. leave everything as is.


or just use google)

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