Find a music name


I’m trying to find a music name which i like to purchase. However, I don’t the name of the file, I have the preview file with me, can somebody let me know the music name of this
since is down, i’m unable to find the name

thank you

Hi, whats the name of the preview file?

music - games | audioJungle

this is the file name
and here is the full music :

I found out the music name myself after taking 2-3 hours

music: Games by hamditheone

but, it seems like the item is no longer available, anyway to get it ?

Sorry, but it seems that author is no longer selling his music on Audiojungle.

thank you for the help,
yes the user was banned by audio jungle

he/she stole the products from AnnoDominiBeats

thank you for your respond :slight_smile:

No problem! Maybe you can buy it from Annodominibeats then: