My item was rejected. Lets celebrate, this is first time since 2 years! hehehehe

I made this topic to show all of this new authors to not cry when you have item rejected :slight_smile: this happens for everyone. :slight_smile:

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Hehe!, Congratulations Bro!:joy: btw, Itโ€™s sad too why your flyer got rejected? have you any Idea?

Sorry but instead of making new post I ask you something here! (also moderators can help if they are watching)

What if the logo name or any Item name is same as previous Item (from other Authors or your own Item)?

Envato rejects?

I have no idea - I think someone had bad day :slight_smile:


Itโ€™s frustrating anyway, I hope for you that it is the first and the last time.
I too had another rejection, I posted it on my last comment.
If you have an idea thank you for making a return, it will be super nice of you

I uploaded one item, got approved (in record time because in 4 hours after uploaded) and later this day I uploaded second item very very very similar to this previous one which was approved so I think that was the reason :slight_smile: hehehe

about you Lord Writer - I see the pen and crown but too messy I think. And the name โ€œLord Writerโ€ - better is maybe master writer or even king writer, something more obvious, but name is not that important like shape is.