Finally registering my portfolio on Identifyy...

Trust me, I’m not doing better anywhere else except in custom works. I meant crumbs in relation to my first month that was around $400.

And you don’t sound spoiled at all. $1,800 is an impressive number indeed. The good thing about being into CID is that, even for me, that pretty much quit composing for stock, you might hit the jackpot eventually.

I’m definitely evaluating spreading my portfolio around the 3 or 4 platforms that are still taking authors in, but right now the tides are a bit rough so I might wait a few months. No rush at all, fortunately.

Thx for sharing! Gave me kind of a gambler’s hope! :slight_smile: :game_die:


That’s a nice first month.

I got around $200 my first month (around 10 years ago).

After that it was kind of slow for a few years, but growing a little bit (also added many more tracks).

Around 2018 there was a jump up in earnings.

Around 2020, earnings pretty much doubled, and they have stayed around that level since then. Hoping for another jump up… but who knows?

I also had a down period a while back when I thought CID affected sales too much, and deleted a bunch of tracks. I have now added them back into the system. :slight_smile:

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The way I’m trying to look at it is if ten different places bring $50 a month it’s still $500
I think now more than ever this diversifying is important.

Absolutely! Always important.

The big problem, however, is that 6-7 years ago there were maybe 20 sites where you could sell for $50-500 per month as an average producer.

I think there are only maybe 3-4 sites left that can sell anything meaningful, and they have gone down 50-80% in potential revenue… :frowning:

I think we have to rely much more on “after-the-sale” royalties (like CID and PRO) now.

While the earnings can be very, very good (much higher than AJ ever was), it’s very hard to predict future income. It can suddenly drop 90% one quarter to the next, and your new apartment suddenly becomes too expensive.

When the marketplaces were good, creating new tracks meant you could almost certainly count on higher income that month.

With royalties, you have no idea, and it often takes several YEARS for any results to come in.



My main income is PRO… but it is almost unpredictable.
Last year it was huge for me and it’s easy to get comfortable and sit back but for example march this year it was very low.
So it’s precisely like you say.

It indeed takes many years for royalties to drip down the chain. The stuff we make today might make a difference in 6 years or even more. Delayed gratification.

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Haha, exactly!

That’s why it was so nice to get the instant gratification from marketplace sales, so we could forget about the PRO royalties until they showed up as a nice surprise!

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Is that 1800 for the whole quarter or for just one month?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: