Finally registering my portfolio on Identifyy...

27 $ :rofl:

Decent and again, above my AJ monthly income. Seems like I reached an avarage that’s been steady throughout the whole year.

I definitely have to register my stuff in a PRO. The one from my country doesn’t monitor neither pays for stock music so I have to think in something else like BMI, ASCAP or any other. Not for this particular thread, but any PRO organization suggestion is more than welcome.

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Shoot, with the amount of cues/ sales you have i would register my work with a PRO a.s.a.p.
As far as i know PROs collect only for a certain amount of time, before the moneys go into ‘the black box’. I think my PRO collects until 3 years after detection of a work.

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More details came in today, with Australia being the biggest earner (PRO TV payment) this time. I am guessing Soundmouse had something to do with that since that’s new for me.

Just a guess of course, since I can’t be 100% sure.

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I’m toying with the idea of joining idetifyy too,

Is there an alternative to the Item Updater extension suggested at the started of this thread, as it’s not longer available?

Item Updater no longer exist unfortunately.

That’s a shame. Thanks Vladimir.

i had to update item by item, add the image and everything. Super tedious, but it was really worth it. Specially the first reports.


August report is out already (AdRev). Two weeks earlier than normal, getting faster! Maybe one day we’ll get it live… One can only dream. :slight_smile:


Mine didn’t show up yet. Anyone still waiting for August report? :no_mouth:

Yes. I think jackk44 wrote about AdRev’s repot :slightly_smiling_face:


thx! My bad!

Hi, I can recommend the PRS in the UK. They perform remarkably well for me considering I have a pretty modest catalogue of tracks. I also joined MCPS (mechanical rights) too. The organisations are joined and pay out together. So far, I have been receiving from MCPS about two-thirds of what I get from PRS, so it’s definitely been worth the sign-up fee. Wish I’d made the effort to become my own publisher and registered with them too to get the publishing share. I did that with ASCAP and so far, they have not managed to claim anything. It’s been a year with them now, so I really need to call and find out why they are not finding usage like the UK PROs are. Looking into it a little bit, on the ASCAP Soundmouse info page it doesn’t mention online and YouTube monitoring, whilst on the PRS page it does, so perhaps that could have something to do with it. :man_shrugging:t2:

The PRS and MCPS combined collect for me around £2000, roughly, a quarter on average for 89 registered works (mostly classical tracks), most of which is from YouTube videos.

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@criskcracker! Thank you so much, man!

I have been trying to contact BMI for a few months but it hasn’t been as straightforward as I expected. Do you know if PRS accepts authors from countries outside the UK? If they do, I’ll reach em out ASAP.

Thx again! :slight_smile:

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U rock Chrisrock, I mean @criskcracker.

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When I register track with Identifyy I see name HAAWK as publisher under my YouTube video.
Looks like another PRO publishing. It won’t be a problem if I registered with PRS, right?
HAAWK Publishing is just for YouTube monetization, right?

Haawk is the company running the Identifyy service. There won’t be any conflicting issue with your PRO.


Also, some of my videos (with my music) don’t have copyright notice (track registered with HAAWK), but all of them are registered with Identify. Does this mean that the audio was not appropriate fingerprinted by Identifyy therefore can not find matches with my YouTube videos?

Снимок экрана 2023-10-15 в 10.12.33

What’s going on with the July report?

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