Finally registering my portfolio on Identifyy...

How does clearing claims work over there? Can you do it yourself or do you have to e-mail them, and if so, how long does it take?

Yes, you can release through your dashboard and you can also email them. The support is quite fast - they usually remove a claim within an hour.


That’s good. Have you seen if they create ISRC codes for CID uploads? I’m in the process of trying to hunt down P.R.O. royalties, but they tell me everything has to be exactly right, ISRC codes, matching title/artist etc. for YouTube P.R.O. royalties to go to the right place… If only I had known before.

What’s their relationship with Elite Alliance? What are the differences between the two services?

Relationshion between Identifyy and EE? They are competitors. The difference is in % they take and payment dates. EE is invite only i guess. I had delays with identifyy payments to payoneer a few times.

I think PurpleFog meant the relationship between Epic Elite and Elite Alliance.

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They dont create isrc. Actually i received youtube royalties through BMI without these codes, i filled just artist and track names.


Its the same company like Haawk and Identifyy:)


i sent them an email to join, nothing to lose.

Was asking because, because I’ve heard of many authors being with Elite Alliance, but had never heard of Epic Elite. So, it’s the same thing? They are not two distinct services?

There has been many threads on those forums about buyers having issues with claims from Elite Alliance they weren’t able to clear. Have you heard about that or had to deal with this issue?


Yes, the same like Haawk and Identifyy. Never had any problems with clearing.

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In the last report from Identifyy (November) I have found 5 “bugs” till now.
Some monetized videos doesnt appear in the report; the answer from Identifyy is ALWAYS the same…
“Its a problem from Youtube, we cant do nothing.”

Got the January report yesterday. No viral videos like Nov-Dec unfortunately, but still above average, which is a very good thing since January is one of the worst months in general for ad revenue (Nov-Dec being the best).

In fact, this is very strange, because I have the last month of November displayed.
Not only for January, but for December the report has not yet arrived.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this was for AdRev, not Identifyy.

December report is out.


Miserable. Guess the honey moon is over.

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Don’t say that!

All it takes is ONE video to make it your best month ever. Just get your music out there the best you can. Use it yourself in YouTube videos etc. The more people who see someone else using a track, the bigger the chance of others using it etc.

Most people are followers, and they only want to use what they see someone else use. For example, any more or less popular video will get at least 10 (or 100) re-uploads by other people.

That could mean $$$. And YouTube’s recommending system has quite a big degree of randomness (it seems).


True. :four_leaf_clover: I definitely have to start spreading my portfolio through YT and other platforms. Hard to find the time right now, though.