Finally Power elite

its been 8 years for us to reach this state, but glad we finally make it.
thank you for envato and each of our customer.

For everyone who also pursuing Power Elite title, here are tips for you :

  1. Do extensive research before releasing product. it will save alot of your effort & time.
  2. Create a high quality better product than the rest in market. never create product with same quality with your competitor.
  3. Find a marketing gimmick for your product that separate your product then rest in market.

Hopefully you also reach this level soon.



Congratulations! :tada:

A BIG Congratulations jegtheme for achieving this Great Milestone as Power elite Status! It’s well deserved. Keep up the great work you’re already doing, and thanks very much for your wise advise to us upcoming authors and it’s much well appreciated and God bless you! Kudos!