Finally passed 1000 sales :D



Just woke up to this ^^

Although it’s a great number and I am grateful for each and every sale, I know I can do much better and that’s why I’m working on my next item. I will work very hard the following days in order to submit my new item this week (my last item submission was 3+ years ago :frowning: )

My goal is to reach 10k+ sales by the end of the year and I really hope I can accomplish that.

My plans for this year

Nice achievement! Congratulations and, of course, GLWS :sunny:


Congratulations @tips4design !!!


Congratulation @tips4design :tada: good luck for more sales :wink:


Congratulations, @tips4design! Good luck with new item!


Congratulations! :tada:


WoW 1.000 * 10 : that would be a massive progression, good luck with the sales and 10.000 finish!:checkered_flag: