Finally my first 1000$ in sales after 5 months!!!

Finally happened, today (after 5 months) I reached my first net 1000$ in sales. This is a really great achievement and motivation to continue adding more solutions in Envato community.

I would really like to thank everyone here in Envato as well as all customers who have supported Quizionic to be a successful item.


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Wow, congrats man! :grinning:

Congrats :slight_smile:

Congrats @StudioMob! Cheers to your achievement, and keep up the good work for your next $1,000!

Congratulations!!! Let’s celebrate :grinning:

great stuff that about 6$ a week in your pocket after fee’s and tax well done

Congrats and good luck!

Indeed, those 1000$ are net income after sales of 2000$