Finally it happened fifth paw!

Hooray! Today I reached the mark of “Author Level 5”, the badge has not yet been given, but in a few hours it will be available to me! I am very glad that I am here, and reached (unfortunately i did not reach yet the my main goal (elite paw)) of this point! A huge thank you of Envato, all the authors who supported me in my creative path!


Congratulations! :+1::+1::+1:

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And Welcome to the Club! :beer::beers:

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congrats man!!!

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Thank you @LOiME !

Thank you @NeroMusicUa !

Many thanks! @PrestoSound

Well done, don’t stop, @CleanMagicAudio!


That’s great, mate) Congrats!)

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Thank you ! @rgba_design

@Wolf_Music Thanks for the kind words !

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