Finally, i'm reach 1500 sales!!! :)

Hello, my friends!
Finally, i’m reach my next goal - 1500 sales is done now!
It’s was not easy, especially recently, but i hope our sales will be only increase with incredible speed:))
I wish you all success, good luck and productive work!!


Congratulations @Synthezx my friend !
Your work are amazing !
Keep going on !

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Congratulation @Synthezx :tada: good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

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Good job, @Synthezx, congratulations! Don’t stop!

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Congrats @Synthezx! Keep going!

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Congrats, mate! :tada: Amazing news! :+1:

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Thanks a lot my friens!!! I’m very appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

Waoaw it’s cool man, congrats!


Awesome, congrats!

Congrats!! :tada:

Fantastic! Well done Synthezx! Keep uploading!


That’s an awesome number ! Congratulations !

Congrats!!! ; -)

Thank you, guy’s!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations !!!

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Congrats, how long did it take?

Congratulations! Wish you more sales! :^)

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Thank you! Almost 2 years…