Finally I'm Legal Author. First item got approved :)

Hey Guys,

After lot of hard works first item was approved few moments ago. Very happy now. Suggest me How can improve further. Here is my item link:
[Removed: Self Promotion]

Thank You. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @dixipixi for the approval of your first item. Good luck with the sales :slight_smile:

Congratulation & Best of luck @dixipixi :thumbsup:

Congratulation @dixipixi and good luck with sale.
Just a quick question: How much time did you wait for it to be reviewed?
cause i have an html template waiting review, it’s been 15 days, it’s my first template too.

Congrats, mate! :slight_smile::sunglasses:

congrats bro!!! :smiley:

Congrats @dixipixi … good luck :thumbsup:

Congrats buddy :slight_smile: All the very best with your future endeavours!!

Congrats, mate! :slight_smile::sunglasses::balloon:

Thank You Jan :slight_smile:

Thank You All. Have a nice day!

@charlie4282, You removed my link, its okay. But I saw several post same day who gave there first item link. You are heartless Modu. Btw, Thank You for your job. :slight_smile:


Charlie is very good advice :slight_smile: , I happy you case he, luck your sales regards.

@JeriTeam Thank You :slight_smile:

I know Charlie Chaplin is Good Guy. :wink: Btw, got Trend seller badge not Author Level Badge :smiley:

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It is very good news and i congratulate you but there is a lot needed to be improved. This improvement should be aesthetically also typography need a little more furnishing. Now try to launch its WP version. This will give you good earning.

Thank You :slight_smile: Everything on the way.