Finally i get the "trendsetter" badge.


Hi all Finally i get Featured Badge for me it is a great joy and inspiration for further work !
Many thanks to all who comented my music !! Guys you’re are the best !
AndThanks a lot ENVATO !!!
Good Luck !)) Best Regards !!


Congratulations! I hope it does well for you :smile:


Congrats :slight_smile:


Woohoo!! Way to go TheLastWay!


Congratulations :wink:


Congrats…!!! :slight_smile:


Am I the one who do not see any type of featured badges on this guy?


I guess he means the “trendsetter” badge?


Thanks a lot )) @MidnightSnap


Thanks !!)) @RnRVFX


Woohoo thanks mate )) @ElevateAudio


Thank you very much !)) @MyMusicID


Thanks bro :slight_smile: @NoiseHoop


Yes, “trendsetter” badge.


huray!!! congratulations, bro! =)


Thank you bro !!) i am happy !!))


congratulations, bro!!
Personally, I think this badge is useless, I have a item about 20 days old, It was in trending at least 10 days out of 20 but no sales improvement.


Thanks bro ! I know it but still nice to know that your effort is not empty :slight_smile:


Many congratulations!!!:tada::tada::confetti_ball:


Great! Good luck and knock me dead TheLastWay!