Finally 50 sales!

My way to Lamborghini continues :smile:

Thanks, Envato!


Congrats! :slight_smile:

Amazing, well done!

Still waiting for my first sale, race you to 100! :joy::joy::joy::joy::sob:

Congrats!! May you reach to your Lamborghini soon… :+1: :blush:

Do you sell music, or sound effects?

Congratulations!! I recently hit this milestone as well, so I know the feeling. Very happy for you. Here’s to 100 sales! :tada:

Congrats! Next step: 1k xD

Deal :wink:

Music only

Thanks! The same :sweat_smile:

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Congrats @PenguinAudio! Wish you more sales and a great journey!

Congratulations ! Best of luck and I wish you many more sales !

Thanks! The same :+1:


Call me old fashioned, but I’m more of a Ferrari man myself! :racing_car: Congratulations to you.
(I don’t know if you realise, but it looks like you have uploaded the same track twice in your latest submissions. This is against Envato rules.)

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Congratulations! I hope to catch you soon!

Great Grat! I wish you more and more :slight_smile:


Thanks, friend! That was a mistake, I fixed it and you can now listen to a new one over there :slight_smile:

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