Finally 100 sales!! Need tips for 1000!



Got my 100th sale. Pretty stoked!

Hopefully 1 day this is all I do for a living, wouldn’t that be awesome.

Thanks to my buyers, pretty awesome.

Wondering if any experienced authors would share some advice. Thank you in advance!

Later dudes :slight_smile:


Congrats and Happy New Year! :evergreen_tree::sparkles:


Congrats @motionbymarco !!! Keep it up !!!:wink:


Great :+1: Happy New Year :boom:


join our group on facebook "My first Million on Envato "
Perhaps, you will see that helpful :slight_smile:


Congratulation @motionbymarco :tada: I wish u have tons of more sale in 2017 :slight_smile:


thank you!


Thank you!


Congratulations @motionbymarco and Happy New Year!


Well done @motionbymarco


Nice achievement @motionbymarco, now go for that 1000! :wink:


My congratulations !


Keep it up @motionbymarco!!!


Can u add me plz my name is nader galalou i have already sent my partnership
thnk you


Congratulations on your success. =)