Final Webinars: Parallelus and Felt Tips


Wed, Oct 7, 2015 7:00 AM – Wed, Oct 7, 2015 8:00 AM CST

Andy Wilkerson of Parallelus
The Importance Of Buyer Centered Design

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User centered design teaches us to solve problems by focusing on user needs for a great experience, however, if you plan to sell that design it needs to be Buyer Centered too.
A Buyer Centered design considers who is responsible for the decision to purchase a product and includes that information in the design process. This webinar will discuss why this is important, how we identifying these people, figuring out what they want and creating a design that is both User and Buyer centered.


Fri, Oct 9, 2015 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM (CST)

Felt Tips of VideoHive
Creative Strategies in Motion Graphic Design
How to do things differently in a crowded marketplace

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This webinar VideoHive’s Felt Tips is going to go where most online tutorials don’t – into the creative side of things. He will talk about some of the ideas about ideas that he’s developed over the years, along with some of his approaches to creative work.

Specifically, Felt Tips will explore how to start from nothing, develop creative habits and then put them into action. How can you zig when everyone else is zagging?


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Thanks for letting us know, @Muse_Master, now fixed! :thumbsup:

I loved Andy’s webinar today! :smile:

I unfortunately won’t be able to participate in Felt’s webinar, although I’d love to. Will there be a chance to take a look at it afterwards?

It was great =)

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@Parallelus Sad i missed the webminar :frowning: Looking forward in the recording though!

They get uploaded to their YouTube channel!

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@hogash Thanks. I’m looking forward to the recording too. I always wonder how these things come out

@Darinka & @OrangeIdea That’s awesome to hear and thanks for participating! Sorry I missed Matt’s pre-webinar show. I hear it was pretty awesome. :smile:

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Thanks Andy, was really interesting.

I’ve just redone a video for a website because one of your quotes - took me the the rest of the day to get it perfect :smiley:

That’s so cool. I’m really glad it was helpful and sorry if I created extra work for you. :wink:

Do you remember the quote?

It wasn’t actually a quote but a statement.

When you explained how to prepare the demo that it should look just like they would use it. I’m working on a landing page which needed some changes after that.

So thanks again for the extra work!

That’s great!

It was great! Great tips from Felt Tips! Thanks Felt!

I am so sorry I missed this webinar :confused:
Has it been recorded? Can we check it out?

Glad you liked it, Diego.

It was recorded. I guess it’ll be up online on Monday or Tuesday next week. I’ll post a link.

Great! Thanks :wink:

Yes, a big thank you from me too!

You had some great tips for approaching new projects. Highly appreciated that you share all that with us, felt tips!

I can only reccomend everyone to watch the recording if you havn’t been there.

Thanks again! :smile:

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